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International Programme

The International Programme at Almaharat International School (AIS) pays great attention to students’ academic level through distinctive curriculum, enrichment material and remedial plans that aim to improve academic performance.  As part of the curriculum offered, there are projects, several activities and scientific experiments carried out in well-equipped science laboratories which serve as vital tools in meeting the objectives of the lessons delivered in classrooms as well as IT laboratories that support practical application and contribute to expanding students’ knowledge and improving their scientific skills.


Daily lessons are planned by qualified, experienced teachers with emphasis on active learning strategies and group work.  The lessons are tailored amongst department teachers to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment between subjects, usage of different assessment tools in addition to differentiation in order to meet the individual needs of all students.  The final academic achievement is the result of various formative and summative assessments.


The International Programme at AIS is accredited by all accreditation bodies in the UK (Cambridge, Edexcel and AQA Oxford), which allows students to sit for the diagnostic exams (Checkpoint) in grades six and eight as well as the Ordinary and Advanced levels exams (O-level and A-level) in several subjects in grades 9-12.



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