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National Programme

When the National Programme in Almaharat International School was envisaged, the main aim was to achieve a bright future in which our children would take a confident step, armed with extraordinary modern skills that would offer them unparalleled opportunities, as we believe that the future can be achieved only through sustained effort.


The school has adopted a number of basic principles through which it seeks to develop the National Programme through modern-day programmes and sound planning based on constructive scientific foundations. Our aim is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the desired learning goals in line with its developmental vision.


Through that programme, we have ensured that students are aware of and equipped with the 21st century skills in order to develop their individual and collective innovation and creativity that will enable them to live and work in the era of knowledge and technological revolution. The programme is also keen to develop and refine students' knowledge and talents through a series of competitive and challenging debates which require academic and life skills.


Accordingly, the programme has been provided with enrichment materials for both Arabic and English languages which would help improve students' abilities and promote language development, thereby contributing to the creation of a generation that is proud of its language, religion, heritage and nation.


To conclude, our school has long used modern-day methods of education in the National Programme to keep with the requirements of the current era. In addition, it has provided it with rich educational sources full of interactive scientific activities, whether in relation to the curriculum or in terms of accompanying activities, which include enrichment booklets or developmental methods.






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